Thursday, June 21, 2012

Podcast: The Giggle Loop #09 - Superteams Last All Summer Long

Not a lot of our listeners may know that I usually (Read: up till now) spent an inordinate amount of time editing the podcast. I used to remove "ums" and "ahs" and long pauses, as well as edited content that made us seem drunkenly foolish (usually at the tail end of the podcast). The last few podcasts however (in their rough, uncut form) have been unwieldy and were beginning to take 3 and 4 sessions of me sitting in front of my laptop for hours a piece, chopping stuff out. This was taking me WAY too long and eating up my free time. So upon having listened to a few other folks podcasts since then that were left pretty much as recorded...I've decided to do the same from here on out.

So here it is, the long awaited 9th episode of The Giggle Loop Podcast, titled (you will notice the titles have changed as well) Superteams Last All Summer Long.


The Giggle Loop #09 - Superteams Last All Summer Long
Running time: 105 minutes
Download MP3 HERE


  1. Scott, I'm surprised you didn't know about the creator of Community being fired, what with the Karen Gillan/Inspector Spacetime/Neil Gaiman angle and all.

    Chris, I find it amusing that you started the show with a "Why can't anyone just enjoy something, why does it have to be either the best thing ever or absolutely terrible?" argument, and then when talking The Passage and The Strain, you go off on a "Never settle for second best" rant. :D

  2. Oh snap! He's got you there Chris! LOL



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