Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Podcast: The Giggle Loop #06 - Alcatraz, DC Logo-polis, & The Wheel Of Time

Oh yes, it is that time again folks. It’s time for another installment of our Podcast The Giggle Loop, where Chris and I talk discuss debate argue about the nooks and crannies of the wide world of popular culture. This time we discuss TV with new J.J. Abrams show ALCATRAZ, The new DC Comics logo, and even get into a bit of a convo about THE WHEEL OF TIME, amongst many other things.

Please note: This Podcast was meant to include our interview with Riyria Revelations author Michael J. Sullivan. When we interviewed Michael, we ended up having such a good discussion that time got entirely away from us. So instead of making the podcast more than twice as long, we have decided to post the interview in its entirety (which clocks in at around 1hr 30min) as a separate audio upload next week (probably Monday or Tuesday). So please stay tuned for that as it gives some good insight into the Indie-turned-major-published author.

Until then, we give you the Podcast that we know you love where Chris and I ramble (somewhat coherently) about things.

Awesome Sidenote: We finally went legit and purchased ourselves a microphone, which I think you will notice makes us sound much clearer. Huzzah!

Doh! Sidenote: The intro music is very long this time. I meant to only edit a 30 second snippet in, and ended up throwing the whole 1min thing in accidentally and didn't notice till it was uploaded. Sorry about that folks. It will be fixed next time.

The Giggle Loop #06 - Alcatraz, DC Logo-polis, & The Wheel Of Time
Running Time: 1:09:16
Downloadable MP3 HERE

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