Thursday, July 7, 2011

Coming Soon from Iceberg Ink – THE GIGGLE LOOP Podcast

Greetings Iceberg Ink-ians…Icebergers?

For nearly a year now we’ve been striving to bring you our take on what’s new and exciting in the world of books, comics, movies and more.

Now we’re looking to kick it up a notch. (BAM!)

Starting in August we’re going to be cobbling together THE GIGGLE LOOP, a podcast designed to bypass all that messy reading you have to do and inject our uninformed ramblings directly into your earholes.

But as we prepare for this epic achievement* we thought we’d poll our readership to see if there happens to be a burning topic that you’d like us to discuss.

So please, leave your two cents in the comments below and let us know what mysteries of the world you’d like to see us yak on about.

Stay tuned!

*warning, achievement may not be so much epic as it is rudimentary or even simple.

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