Monday, February 6, 2012

Author Interview: Michael J. Sullivan (The Riyria Revelations)

What was originally meant to be a part of our Podcast THE GIGGLE LOOP - Iceberg Ink’s interview with Orbit author Michael J. Sullivan - ended up splintering off and becoming its own entity. We were actually pleased by that event simply because we realized that truly good interviews with good banter sort of have to exist on their own.

Our talk with Michael Sullivan has some of the hallmarks of normal interviews (where we ask him lots of questions he’s been asked before), but it also ends up being very pub chat style for the second half. Michael cleverly asks us questions and is able to dispense valuable advice on writing, getting published, and we even get into TV like BABYLON 5 and LOST.

So in an interesting mix of Interview and our Podcast we give you the interview in its entirety, which clocks in at not quite an hour and half. Chris and I had a blast talking to Michael and we hope he enjoyed it as well.

The Giggle Loop - Author Interview - Michael J. Sullivan
Running Time: 1:16:03
MP3 Download HERE


  1. Sounds like an interesting interview. Is this posted on iTunes?

  2. Nope, but you can download it from the MP3 link at the bottom of the post and throw it into iTunes to listen.

  3. About a third of the way through the interview, and quite enjoying it. As for the pronunciation of "Riyria", just going by the spelling I've always pronounced it rye-EAR-ee-uh.

  4. Indeed Chris. It was quite interesting to hear Michael's take on how people pronounce his creations and how he went about questioning people how they would pronounce them.



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