Wednesday, December 29, 2010

eBooks: Free Star Wars eBooks from Del Ray!

Hello all. Hope all your Christmases were good, and you aren't too stuffed full of turkey to have a bit of a read. Or maybe being stuffed and only being able to lay down and breathe heavily will lend itself to your reading. Either way, the written word is your bud, your friend, your dark master...

...speaking of dark masters...

Over at Suvudu you can find the first 5 volumes of the Star Wars: Lost Tribe of The Sith eBook series to download completely for free!

I can personally vouch for the current series of Star Wars books as being very good and ups the ante significantly on the previous series. This eBook series is KIND of a companion series.  It takes place 5,000 years before the first Star Wars film (OT) and concerns a sect of Sith that crash land on the planet Kesh and are stranded there. Instead of trying to get offworld though, they instead decide it is better for them to build and grow their ranks, train and master in the force, so that when they finally emerge they can begin a glorious Sith empire. The way it connects to the current books series is that the Fate Of The Jedi books (reviews for the first three books are HERE, HERE, and HERE respectively) finally see that emergence of Sith from Kesh into the galaxy to find it overrun with Jedi instead of Sith.

Anyways, I think it's pretty nice to be able to read these eBooks completely free, and I look forward to reading them myself.

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