Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I can’t stand stoner comedies and I don’t do 3D.
And I friggin loved the third HAROLD AND KUMAR film. Don’t ask me why, I’m not terribly sure either.
Maybe it’s because while other films struggle to figure out how to properly use the third dimension, forced to awkwardly shoehorn in scenarios where something comes flying at the audience, HAK just doesn’t give a rats ass. The film gleefully shatters the third dimension with all the joy of an unattended toddler with access to power tools, throwing everything imaginable at the audience at every possible opportunity. The end result is so staggeringly over the top that you’re forced to laugh at the filmmaker’s sheer excess and gumption
And while HAK is jampacked with crude and raunchy comedy, the film does make an honest attempt at telling a serious, straightforward story.
A hallmark of the HAK franchise is that while you’re laughing about the dick jokes and getting high you don’t notice that the movie has slipped you a straight up adult finishing move.  HAK attempts to reconcile the grownup you’ve become with the foul mouthed brat we used to be. It’s about friendship and growing up, figuring out what you can take with you and what’s better left behind.
 (And if it can do all that smearing a window with feces or ripping off A CHRISTMAS STORY in the most inappropriate way imaginable, well, then, more power to it)

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