Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Movie Musings: DREAM HOUSE

DREAM HOUSE is already telegraphing its big twist before the titles have even finished rolling. Where I suspect the majority of Hollywood thrillers would use said twist as the climax to the movie, DREAM HOUSE makes it the jumping off point for the real story it’s trying to tell.
The acting is tight (Daniel Craig doing a much better job dropping his British accent than in COWBOYS AND ALIENS) and the script is solid, still managing to deliver a couple genuine surprises well after the big shock has been left out of the bag.
It’s difficult for any contemporary film to stake out virgin territory in the haunted house genre, any film that has things that go bump in the night has been struggling for attention in a market that is well beyond mere oversaturation.
But, with a little genre bending DREAM HOUSE does a good job in rolling out some of these old clich├ęs, dusting them off and making them feel new again.

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