Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Podcast: The Giggle Loop #08 - Comic Cons, The Hunger Games, & U.S. TV V.S. UK TV

Drone: Scott, the podcast is late.

Me: What do you mean late? Had we decided on specific time frame for releasing these?

Drone: It matters not. You have so far stuck to a monthly basis.
It is now late. There was no podcast in the month of March.

Me: I know, but things come up and it’s difficult to get it edited and posted. I'm only a couple of weeks behind.

Drone: There is no excuse for a late podcast. You recorded it in March. Your audience is awaiting it and when it is late, they will get antsy.

Me: Antsy?

Drone: Agitated.

Me: Agitated? Come on don’t be so melodramatic.

I am not a human; I do not have the capacity to be melodramatic.

Me: I beg to differ.

Drone: You have 30 seconds to comply and post the podcast.

Me: Or what?

Drone: I release Nanomachines into your brain.

So here it is folks. The latest Edition of The Giggle Loop, in which Chris and I discuss a myriad of topics, beginning with out latest trip to a local Comic Con, the phenomenon of THE HUGER GAMES and we even get into a lengthy discussion of American TV V.S. UK Telly programs and how they stack up against one another. It’s full of debate, interesting theories and opinions and even a little booze.

Note: This week the podcast jumped to almost an hour and a half, but we will try to contain our time to the proper hour as much as possible in future...mostly because editing it takes that much longer.

So sit back, pop in your headphones, and enjoy the insanity.

The Giggle Loop #08 - Comic Cons,  The Hunger Games, & U.S. V.S. UK TV
Running Time: 1 hr 28min

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