Friday, March 2, 2012

Podcast: The Giggle Loop #07 - Sherlock, Spiderman Web Shooters, & Rants

I'm a day or so late with this post, but that is because I needed the time to sit down and edit this one. It's time again for another rollicking edition of our Podcast! Okay, okay, settle down. There's no need to cheer...honestly.

Well okay then.

So this is a pretty TV/Film-heavy episode, but we touch briefly on books and a few other notions. Hopefully we entertain you though, which is all we can hope for. Personally I feel that this is the best of our existing podcasts, and we simply found an ebb and flow this time. It's also a tad longer than normal, but we can definitely vouch for it being time well-spent.

So, without further ado.

The Giggle Loop #07 - Sherlock, Spiderman Web Shooters, & Rants
Running Time: 1:17:32
Downloadable MP3 HERE


  1. I'm with Chris, in that I think organic webshooters make so much more sense than mechanical ones; however, the fact that they come out of his wrists is pretty darn coincidental. They could just as easily shoot out of his armpits or wherever.

    I more and more convinced that I should check out Sherlock. How do I go about watching it?

    As for the suckiness of online comments; surely you're familiar with John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory?

  2. Also, your blog sucks, your podcast sucks, and you guys both suck for even caring about all this stupid crap.

  3. LOL! Thanks Chris...but agreeing with Chris about organic webshooters is only going to fuel his holier-than-thou emails to me. LOL

    SHERLOCK is available on DVD (Series 1), iTunes (Series 1 and 2), and it can be watched on TV on PBS as part of their MASTERPIECE CLASSICS line-up:

    Linky for Schedule):

    Where, it just so happens, you can also watch the phenomenal DOWNTON ABBEY.

    Just sayin'

    We're glad you're still listening Chris. :D

  4. My emails are powered by the righteous fuel of truth Scott and you'd be best to understand that.

    Also, I dig that Duncan meme. Well played.



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