Thursday, December 1, 2011

Movies: Full Length Trailer for Disney's JOHN CARTER!

I’ve made more than one post about how I am really looking forward to Andrew Stanton’s live action film debut with Disney’s JOHN CARTER. I also made a really long post about how fanboys/girls were bemoaning the teaser trailer (which I LOVED) for looking campy, and looking like no work was put into it, and how nothing looked like it was represented in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ book series.

To all the haters, and to all the folks who, like me, are anxiously anticipating this film next year…behold, the full length trailer in all its glory, accompanied by Led Zeppelin (Kashmir baby!).

I’d just like to preface this by saying that this trailer makes me even more excited. Everything looks just like I imagined it when I read the books!


  1. looks awesome! Love the "I'm used to higher gravity" jumps. ;)

    Guess I better read the book before the movie comes out, right?

  2. Yeah, read them, they are awesome. The first 3 are kind of a trilogy.

  3. I'm always curious how movies stand up to those who aren't prejudiced by having read the book first--for instance, would I like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter half as much if I hadn't read the books first? (Okay, LOTR is a bad example, because the movies are just plain awesome.) I haven't read these books yet. Maybe I will see if the movie stands up on its own.

  4. It's an interesting point Allison.

    Case in point: Both my gf's sister and I read the PERCY JACKSON YA series by Rick Riordan and we LOATHED the movie version...but my gf enjoyed it a lot, and she had not read the book. So i suppose there is soemthing there to be said for book fandom when it comes to movie incarnations.



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