Monday, May 30, 2011

Doctor Who: Jaw dropping spoilerific cast news for Episode 13!

In today’s DOCTOR WHO news there is a VERY interesting bit of spoiler-y info that’s popped up. One that had me nearly squeeing with unrestrained glee…but I think I held it together mostly. Still…

It should be noted that this is a bit spoiler-y (castwise) for the 13th episode of this current season of DOCTOR WHO, the finale that will air next October (not the mid-season finale that is airing next week before the show goes on summer hiatus). So if you want to be totally and utterly surprised, please do not look below. Do not read below and bugger off till the next update.

Okay, now for my fellow spoiler-y brethren who don’t mind knowing a tidbit or two about casting…

Grain of salt here obviously, but…

It would appear that IMDB has the cast list posted for the 13th, and final season 6 episode, and some intriguing things are listed therein. As you can probably tell by the image posted above, Alongside Matt Smith (as The Doctor obviously) are listed not only David Tennant as The Doctor, but also Peter Davison as The Doctor. 

…and the DOCTOR WHO nerd inside me just exploded.

If IMDB are right, and the rest of the cast list show some interesting things, Young Rory returns, as does Winston Churchill, then we are likely looking at our first FULL series episode in which more than one Doctor appears (TIME CRASH which had both Tennant & Davison in it was a mini-sode for Children In Need) since 1983 (a feature length episode starring the 1st to the 5th Doctor’s).

This also means that the David Tennant fanboy in me gets what he has wanted since Ten left the role. A Ten and Eleven adventure! Not only that, but add the 5th Doctor to that as well. The Peter Davison credit on the list is what lends this just a tad more weight as to whether it’s real or not. It makes sense if there is a reason to bring Ten back, then why not Five as well.

It also means that the last episode of this season is going to be a DOOZY and I for one can’t wait till October now…or at least until we move this news from speculation to solidity. It’s funny, because on the last episode where the Flesh version of The Doctor started spouting previous Doctor’s lines like Tom Baker’s Doctor “Would you like a jelly baby?” and Tennant’s “Hello! I’m the Doctor!” I thought to myself, how cool would it be to have some previous Doctor’s show up?

UPDATE: Various folks have told me not to trust the IMDB cast list and that this won't happen. Well I don't care, I'm adopting a wait and see attitude, just for fun...besides, these posts always...speculation posts anyways. I mentioned the grain of salt above. Nuff said.

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