Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In The Pipe: Scott's To-Read List November

The order of this list may change, but for the time being, this will be the order for the next while. This means you can expect reviews to come for each volume.

THE PATH OF DAGGERS by Robert Jordan

I continue my Wheel Of Time First-Reads category with the 8th volume. I am coincidentally currently reading the 7th book A CROWN OF SWORDS, and the review/thoughts for that should hopefully be up before the week is out. The plan is to get through the next 4 Jordan written volumes, so that I can throw the two Brandon Sanderson co-penned books THE GATHERING STORM and TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT upon my Christmas wishlist. That’s the plan right now at any rate. We’ll see.


I plowed through Scalzi’s debut OLD MAN’S WAR in about a day and a half. It was one of the most fun and interesting sci-fi books I’ve read. My sci-fi shelf is small compared to my fantasy shelf. Chris is the sci-fi buff, and I’m the fantasy buff. But I still like to step into the space opera waters now and again. The second volume in the OLD MAN’S WAR series sounds to be another ripping adventure.



The 3rd and 4th volume in this fantastic new series by new author Sullivan are awaiting me on my shelf and I want to read them together so that I can hold out on the 5th book WINTERTIDE (which I also have) until Christmas, cause that seems like the optimum time to read a book about…well Wintertide. Sufficed to say I love this series and I look forward to the next few books.  The plan is to have the 5th one done before years end so that I can petition Michael and his publisher to hook me up with an ARC of the final 6th book PERCEPLIQUIS. We shall see.

SIDE JOBS by Jim Butcher

I’m a self-confessed, unabashed Dresden-ite. The forces, which are holding me at bay from reading this short fiction anthology of Dresden stories (most of which I’ve not read) are great. I want to read this like you wouldn’t believe and get my Dresden-crack fix. But I am putting it off so that I don’t have to wait as long between reading it and the next full Dresden book GHOST STORY bowing next April. Can’t wait!

WINTER’S HEART by Robert Jordan

See the first entry, but this will also belong in my Wheel Of Time First-Reads category of reviews/thoughts in my mission to get caught up with all the other WOT fans. More Nynaeve and Mat can’t be a bad thing. Man I have grown attached to these characters!

That’s it for now. This list will likely see me into mid-November at which point I’ll take stock and see where I am at and what else will be on the schedule for December.

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