Friday, November 12, 2010

Films: The first New Winnie The Pooh movie by Disney in 35 years!

Okay, sometime earlier this year (and this slipped me by) Disney announced they were doing a new big screen WINNIE THE POOH tale. Not only that, but they said that it was not going to be fancy CG, or 3D or even the newish clean-look animation of the last Pooh direct to VHS/DVD release, but a return to the look of the actual drawings in the original A.A. Milne books with that sketched look with watercolours...not to mention this adds to Disney's recent revelation that people REALLY enjoyed the old-school traditional 2D animation (like The Lion King, Little Mermaid ect.) and they decided to re-open that wing of their animation.

I also like Winnie The Pooh as much as I still do The Muppets and Peanuts. It's probably a nostalgia thing.

At any rate, the new film has a trailer that debuted today...and OH MY GOD the animation is GORGEOUS. I absolutely LOVE the look, but then I am a traditional 2D animation fan. I even don't mind the Keane track that plays over the trailer as it adds a bit of a modern weight. I actually can't wait, cause I love me some animated films and this one looks great!

Find some details over here.

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