Thursday, April 26, 2012


It used to be that wigging out and Nicholas Cage meant a very specific type of scenery chewing. Now, of course, it has different connotation. Who doesn't like seeing a poorly made wig flowing from on top Cage's head as he works hard to to become Hollywood's version of Cal Ripken Jr.?

And in truth, we've all seen Cage on the acting treadmill of late, turning out a stream of mediocre and instantly forgettable movies in an effort to make some bank. So it’s not like I sat down to this one with anything approaching high hopes.

But the truth is, its...its not fucking terrible.

I thought it was going to be another warmed over SOLOMON KANE rip off crafted on the cheap. But there's actual plot and character development and honest to god acting in this film from time to time.

Don't get me wrong, WITCH has some pretty obvious limitations. It lags horribly in places, leans pretty on some familiar movie clich├ęs and the surprise twist isn't really all that surprising as they telegraph it pretty heavily for the entire movie.

But none of that detracts from the film's legitimate watchability.

There's some good stuff at play here and at the very least every one of could use another opportunity to watch Ron Perlman continue to deal out pain and suffering well into his 60s. This is what he does now.

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