Thursday, January 19, 2012

Every forum conversation about every publishing decision DC ever made...


Fan 2: Dan Didio can go to hell, he’s going to get fired any day now.

Fan 3: This is why I don’t read DC. Thank God Marvel still know how to make good comics.

Fan 4: WRITER X sucks. Why do they still have him on this book ? Back when WRITER Y wrote THE FURIOUS ADVENTURES OF FUNTIME JACK is the only time this character was being written well.

Fan 5: Batman would never do that. It’s clearly established in Issue 708 that he took the PURPLE batmobile that day. This is why DC comics is going under. They don’t even bother to read their own books anymore.

Fan 6: Too dark! Comics need to be fun and light, like back in the 60s.

Fan 7: This comic sucks! WRITER Z hasn't done anything good since the 1980s when they were too busy destroying modern comic books.

Fans 8 and onwards: Increasing and incessant levels of never ending snark, punctuated by the occasional fan who tries to a) say the like what’s happening or b) appeals for sanity and rationality when discussing the decision and who is subsequently shot down by everyone else.

(See also, A Comic Publisher's Form Letter)


  1. Very true. Spot on (in my limited experience). This is kind of why I avoid forums - of any kind, really.

  2. I like that this comment mutated from an email to me into a proper post. I feel our readers will likely agree with you Chris. :D



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