Thursday, August 30, 2012

Movie Musings: IMMORTALS

As pretty as IMMORTALS is, and it’s a damn fine looking film at times, its striking visuals shouldn’t be used as cover for the film’s multitude of sins.  This overreliance on imagery to do the heavy lifting is a weakness that director Tarsem Singh has exhibited in his previous work. *Cough* THE CELL. *coughcoughcough*
Unfortunately for IMMORTALS Singh’s stunning camerawork doesn’t make up for the film’s uneven pacing, poor scene construction, wooden performances and meandering plots. Every glaring flaw in the film can be traced back to this unbalanced nature in which Singh has constructed his film.
It’s the equivalent of spending millions of dollars on flashy exterior renovations, but forgetting to shore up the crumbling foundation that keeps the whole thing above ground.
IMMORTALS works better as a series of abstract art pieces strung together than it does as a piece of mass entertainment.  

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  1. hmmm, so maybe I was wise not spending $9 to see this on the big screen.



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