Monday, April 9, 2012


Twenty minutes into the film and the first thing I'm thinking is how unlikely it is that the military would just let a newspaper reporter tag along to any event he requests, including distant Alaskan scientific outposts and unexplained UFO crashes.

Gosh, I had no idea military security in the 50s was so laissez-faire.

I enjoyed the business as usual approach to the whole well-worn 'oh look it’s a downed spacecraft and alien visitor' plot contrivances and how the film avoids striving to be just another a melodramatic horror film. These are aloof and reserved scientist types, with an equal dose of emotionally distant career soldier thrown in for good measure. Screaming and crying are meant for lesser beings.

I love THING’s use of cross dialogue and overtalking, almost like a 30s screwball comedy. It gives the movie a real sense of pacing and character that sets it apart from other B-movie offerings from the same time period.

Considering how many trashy Bs I've seen in my time, I'm always pleasantly surprised when a film like this steps up its game.

There is an obligatory love story that’s wildly out of place but thankfully doesn't take up much screen time.

(And, compared to the 80s remake, everyone seems so clean cut and upright. None of the hairy and dirty grubbiness of the redo.)

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