Friday, January 20, 2012

Riddick Update

In case you aren't aware of Iceberg Ink's deep and abiding love affair with the RIDDICK franchise you should check out this old podcast where we go on at length about our hetero man crush .

In the meantime, check out this pic of Vin Disiel, from the man's Facebook Page, in costume for the latest installment to the franchise.


  1. Riddick is a pleaure and I don't have to have a man crush. Just a crush crush. Never been sure about Vin Diesel. He misses some class of old fashioned bad asses. I'm partial to early Bruce Willis, and Jet Li could beat the shit out of all of them in his younger days. Why don't we have anyone good coming out of China as far as new martial arts bad asses now that the last kick ass crew has bailed out?

    Anyway, I have something you guys might find amusing. Stop animation. Toy torture. Karo blood and tapioca brains. Along with some playing with fire.

    My Little Ponies Massacred:



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