Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Social Media Explosion! AKA Some new Iceberg Ink-related pages!

Far be it from us to hang around in the dark ages. Is that a dot matrix printer? How antiquated!

To help foment discussion of our various ramblings and postings, book reviews, TV reviews, film reviews, or other random postings we have created a Facebook page. So feel free to click on the Facebook Logo to the upper left of the page and have a gander at our page. It’s still fledgling as I write this, so we hope our readers will join up and have at it.

This way we can connect with you, and you can have your say about the things we’ve posted as well. We will try our best to make every post available as a link VIA the FB page as well as over on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, you’ll notice that our Twitter account is also linked over on the left hand side with a handy icon to click. It links to our main account, but Chris and I both have personal accounts for the site IcebergInkChris and IcebergInkScott respectively where we get to be a little more chatty so if you’d like to hear more rambly fun tweeting you can find us there as well.

We thought it was time to get rid of our cassette deck and use the CD player…wait what?

Anyways, enjoy the social media explosion everyone!


  1. Awesome. I went and "Liked" your facebook page, for good measure.

  2. Thanks Sarah! We figured we ought to have one since it such a big networking tool.



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