Tuesday, January 4, 2011

News: New Deal for Joe Abercrombie = More Awesome with Extra Badass

Gollancz ought to be over the moon that they have their hands on an author who is such a big seller and fan-pleaser as the brilliant Joe Abercrombie.

Well, I guess they are aware, cause they signed him up for a new book deal.

"Therefore stand amazed as I announce that I last year signed a contract with my doughty UK publisher, Gollancz, for four more books set in the world of The First Law.  That’s right.  FOUR MORE BOOKS.  Twice two.  Or more accurately, one plus three, since at the moment, those books are looking like they’ll be another semi-standalone in the style of Best Served Cold and The Heroes, followed by another trilogy, though obviously I reserve the right to be coy and change my mind, possibly while flouncing out of a meeting.  It’s a lady’s privilege, don’t you know. " - sample taken from the blog post at Joe's site.

I can only say that Abercrombie is probably in my top five current fave authors, and I clamor for his work when it comes out. The man just writes awesome fantasy/sword&sorcery that throws a lot of the regular tropes on their ear, and I for one really dig reading his work.

Great new Joe! Keep it up sir.


  1. The post titles (like this one) on your blog are amazingly entertaining.

    Anyway, this really is awesome news! So cool!

  2. Thanks Sarah! Yeah, very cool news indeed!! I love Joe's work.

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