Friday, December 3, 2010

Upcoming: Cover Art: Pale Demon by Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison’s The Hollows/Rachel Morgan series…otherwise known as the urban fantasy series with books named after Clint Eastwood movies is pretty good. I can only personally vouch for the first two books, both of which are fun urban fantasy novels with a pretty good lead character. Harrison is on a short list of the urban fantasy I’ve read (Butcher, Briggs, Carey) and she’s there because her books are engaging, inventive and interesting. Not to mention she doesn’t overdue vampires or werewolves, like most that saturate the genre.

At any rate, the covers to her books are always fun. A little sassy, but never blatant. I also STILL like the naming of all her books after Eastwood flicks. It gives them a certain badassery.

Anyways, here is the cover of the ninth book in the series PALE DEMON. A Series I think you should check out if you like urban fantasy. Personally, I like the previous book (BLACK MAGIC SANCTION) better, but that's just me.

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