Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010: The Haul

Every Christmas I populate the lists people ask me for with books. Some years I am more indulged by family and friends than other years. Last year, for example was decidedly dry. This year however, I was spoiled like I can't recall ever having been before. The ever so wonderful miss Freckles always indulges my nerdiness and gets me good stuff. This year is no exception cause she got me various Doctor Who-themed items: a remote control Dalek, the 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, a disappearing TARDIS mug, and even a little blue hardcover book on the TARDIS by Steve Tribe. I also got Big Bang Theory Season 1 (second fave show after DW), and the new A Christmas Carol DVD...amongst other various clothes and gift certificates.

But I know you aren't here for the regular are here about the books. This year was pretty epic for me in that arena, so without further adieu:

THE HERO OF AGES - Brandon Sanderson

PANDORA'S STAR - Peter F. Hamilton


PALO ALTO (Stories) - James Franco

KNIFE OF DREAMS (Wheel Of Time 11) - Robert Jordan

THE GATHERING STORM (Wheel Of Time 12) - Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT (Wheel Of Time 13) - Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

GREEN MANOR Vol. 1 (Assassins & Gentlemen) - Bodart & Vehlmann


It may not seem like a huge list, but believe me this is a banner year for books for me, and I am so excited by these that I am kind of fumbling which one to dig into first! It also makes me realize how very spoiled I am by my wonderful family and friends.
I hope everyone else got what they wanted for Christmas too.

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