Monday, October 11, 2010

...and my head just exploded from the awesome...

Jim Butcher sits next to Joe Abercrombie who sits next to Peter V. Brett who sits next to Naomi Novik who sits next to Deborah Harkness who sits next to Brandon Sanderson....and my head exploded from the collected awesome of this panel at the New York Comic Con over the weekend. Man, I would have LOVED to be in that room!

NYCC Panel Video: Fantasy Authors from Suvudu on Vimeo.

NYCC Panel Video: Fantasy Authors Part II from Suvudu on Vimeo.


  1. Wasn't that panel amazing!? So many great authors. It was really, really neat to watch. I wish I had been there!

  2. Absolutely. I sat here with a glass of scotch, relaxing in my chair watching people as godlike as Jim Butcher and Joe Abercrombie just sitting beside one another and their back and forth which was amazing. Let alone stuff like Abercrombie's amazing wit when Deborah Harkness mention "If Tolkien was here..." and he says "There would be a bit of a smell...."LOL!!



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