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Scott's Anticipation 2012!

Hey All,
It's that time of year again. The time where we put away all our releases from this year, digest on all the titles that we've read, and start to ponder next years releases. To be honest, in comparison with last year, this years list is a serious doozy! There are so many big titles on this list that I think my head may explode.

So lets waste no time and drop a list (in no particular order) of my most anticipated titles coming next year!

Note: To avoid blatant spoilers I won't be posting synopses of the books, just my reasons for being excited.

A PERFECT BLOOD (Hollows #10) – Kim Harrison (Feb 21st 2012)

I need to catch up with The Hollow series, but Kim Harrison really is a great Urban fantasy author, so I'm excited about this one...if only I can catch up in time to read it.

COLD DAYS (Dresden Files #14) – Jim Butcher (July 2012)

A total no-brainer. The 14th Dresden File is an easy choice since the minute I finish any book in this series I immediately begin to salivate for the next one.

BLUE REMEMBERED EARTH – Alastair Reynolds (March 2012)

I dig Alastair Reynolds, and he certainly fits into the small list of my fave Sci-Fi authors. It will be really nice to see him stretch his wings with this new series.

ORB, SCEPTRE, THRONE (Malaz #4) – Ian Cameron Esslemont (January 2012)

The 4th book in ICE's series that takes place in the shared Malazan world, and this one takes place in Darujhistan, after the events in THE CRIPPLED GOD (final Malazan main series book). Yep. This one is already pre-ordered.

THE FORGE OF DARKNESS (Tiste Trilogy #1) – Steven Erikson (August 2012)

Hinted at in the final two books of the main Malazan series, this one will seemingly concern events in the home city of the Tiste Andii Kharkanas, and likely also the other two Tiste races, the Edur and the Liosan, basically mkaing up Darkness, Shadow, and Light respectively. I'm in like Flinn for this one, obviously. Anomander Rake? You bet your ass. My Erikson fandom knows no bounds.

A MEMORY Of LIGHT (Wheel Of Time #14) – Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson (November 2012)

The final book in the Wheel Of Time Series, a tale that has been going for over 20 years, and one that the original author (and more recently cover artist) died prior to seeing completed. Brandon Sanderson, who has written the last two pieces of the series will finish it, and if the last book is anything like his two other entries, it should finish strong.

REPUBLIC OF THIEVES (Gentleman Bastard Sequence #3) – Scott Lynch (March 2012)

I feel like I might be hitting on some type of jinx for finally putting this on the list. This book has been delayed time and time again. The second book in the series came out more than 4 years ago, and since then the author has been dealing with deeply personal issues that prevented this novel's completion. I think the date is now solid and we should see the title finally come out. I flat out adore this series, so I cannot wait to see where Lynch takes us in the 3rd novel.

EMPIRE STATE – Adam Christopher (January 2012)

I don't know much about it aside from this: It was the last great science hero fight, but the energy blast ripped a hole in reality, and birthed the Empire State – a young, twisted parallel prohibition-era New York. When the rift starts to close, both worlds are threatened, and both must fight for the right to exist. An immensely fun read about a world torn apart, and the people trying to knit it back together. Sounds fantastic. Consider me in.

SOME KIND OF FAIRY TALE – Graham Joyce (March 2012)

I've never read anything by Graham Joyce before, but the premise to this novel sounds fascinating. For twenty years after Tara Martin disappeared from her small English town, her parents and her brother, Peter, have lived in denial of the grim fact that she was gone for good. And then suddenly, on Christmas Day, the doorbell rings at her parents' home and there, disheveled and slightly peculiar looking, Tara stands. It's a miracle, but alarm bells are ringing for Peter. Tara's story just does not add up. And, incredibly, she barely looks a day older than when she vanished.

THE RISING (Department 19 #2) – Will Hill (April 2012)

The first book blew my mind, and made me love this YA series, and Will Hill has already penned and handed in the sequel. This one is going to be awesome!

THE BLINDING KNIFE (Black Prism #2) – Brent Weeks (September 2012)

Sequel to THE BLACK PRISM. Aside from a few issues I have with the first book, I'd be very remiss to leave this one off the list as I really cannot wait to see what happens to the protagonists in this very unique world.

CALIBAN’S WAR (The Expanse #2) – James S.A. Corey (June 2012)

Pretty much loved the first book in the series. The ending was like the opening salvo that cracked open an even bigger story, so I am very pumped to jump back into the Expanse universe.

COPS & MONSTERS – Paul Cornell (2012)

I know NOTHING about it. Absolutely nothing. Paul Cornell has written some of my favourite DOCTOR WHO, and some really excellent comics. This is a situation where I don't care what the book is about, I'll read it on author-caliber alone. UPDATE: The Author spun by to give a short synopsis. Thanks Paul! - Cops and Monsters is about a modern Metropolitan Police (that is London) undercover unit who gain the ability to see the supernatural and decide they have to use police methods to fight it. It's The Sweeney do Buffy.

CONQUEROR (Conqueror Series #5) – Conn Iggulden (2012)

 I enjoyed the first book in the series (about Ghengis Khan), and need to catch up on the 2-4th books about him, but this new one is actually about his grandson Kubla Khan, this is a man who basically took the empire that his grandfather built up from scattered hill tribes and fashioned from it the first Chinese Dynasty. To me that is absolutely, unabashedly, riveting. Cannot. Wait.

THE SKYBOUND SEA (Aeons Gate #3) - Sam Sykes (June 2012)

I was remiss and forgot about this one. I keep seeing my copy of BLACK HALO in my To-Read pile and keep thinking I need to read it so I'll be ready for the 3rd volume. I enjoyed the first book a good deal and really am interested to see where it goes. Plus Sam inscribed my copy of the first book with an awesome threat of bodily harm, and any author who has a sense of humour that excellently caustic deserves my reading time.

RED, WHITE AND BLOOD (3rd Nathaniel Cade novel) - Christopher Farnsworth (April 2012)

The first book in this series (BLOOD OATH) knocked me flat out with awesome, and the 2nd one is on my Christmas list so I'll be primed for the 3rd to come out. Seriously, it's pretty much every kickass idea that could be jammed into a book with full-on action and mystery.

Ruled out: Every year there are books that haunt Amazon release dates like wraiths, and there are always whispers that they are coming that dance around tantalizingly. Sadly, these breathy rumours are normally total misinformation, and the books in question aren't anywhere near coming out soon. So, I thought I'd include a couple that I want to read, but I am well aware that there is no chance in hell that they will drop in 2012.

THE DOORS OF STONE (Kingkiller #3) – Patrick Rothfuss

It took Rothfuss enough time to get the sequel out, so if the 3rd book drops in 2012 (a mere year later) I will be VERY, VERY surprised.That said, my enjoyment of the first two books means that the second Rothfuss and Publisher chuck out a release date, I'll be sure to mention it here.

THE BASTARDS & THE KNIVES  (short fiction Omnibus) – Scott Lynch

This one was announced initially as coming out BEFORE the 3rd book in the main sequence since it was short fiction, but since then it has drifted into development hell where it has languished and rumor now has it that Lynch hasn't even begun writing those stories. What's funny about that is that it has had a tentative cover art piece for more than 3 years now.  Want to read it, but I'm not holding my breath and think it's likely YEARS away at this point.

THE WINDS OF WINTER (ASOIAF #6) - George R.R. Martin

Okay, you caught me, I put this one on here for shits and giggles. No one who reads this series is expecting this book to come out next year, or the year after or even the year after. In fact, if this book comes out before 2015 I'll be quite surprised. Still, we all know I'll read it like a hound on the scent.

That's it for the list folks. Are any of your anticipate titles on there?


  1. Oh dear--I still haven't read the last two Wheel of Time books. I need to catch up before the big finale!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  2. Republic of Thieves.

    oh. yeah. baby.

    There's a title for the 3rd Kingkiller book? neato!

  3. Thanks very much. Cops and Monsters is about a modern Metropolitan Police (that is London) undercover unit who gain the ability to see the supernatural and decide they have to use police methods to fight it. It's The Sweeney do Buffy. I think it's the single best thing I've ever written. And it's great to hear interest this far in advance. Cheers.



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