Friday, February 11, 2011

Films: X-Men: First Class trailer debuts!

…and after a slight timing debacle FOX debuted the teaser trailer for the forthcoming prequel X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.

I was in the camp of “bothered and unimpressed” with that seemingly photoshopped, crappy first image that came out online (and then promptly disowned by FOX and Matthew Vaughn who was understandably pissed about it existing)…then Vaughn, in a show of good faith released a few solid photo’s that looked better, not to mention the teaser poster, which I also liked.

Still, I was on the fence about this whole thing. I have faith in Vaughn simply because I enjoyed STARDUST and LAYER CAKE so much, but I was concerned…

…until now. Here we have the teaser trailer and it really does put other comic movie trailers into contrast. THOR looks good (but does it look this good?), CAPTAIN AMERICA looks cool (but will it be too goofy?), GREEN LANTERN looks like it could very well flop (upon rumination and repeated watching’s of its trailer). This X-MEN trailer actually puts a lot that has come before it to shame.

Things I like:

-The yellow and blue outfits! FINALLY!!! Good riddance to stupid, lame-ass black leather (with stupid thin coloured piping), biker gang X-men. You have no idea how long I have waited for this.

-Erik and Charles look great and I really like both Michael Fassbender and James Macavoy.

-Really early, before its time SR-71 Blackbird. Excellent.

-Cuban Missle Crisis and Kennedy-era as a backdrop? Also excellent.

-Emma Frost’s diamond form looks WAY better than the one used on her in the Wolverine flick. (I know she’s not supposed to have it, but whatever, it looks cool)

-I am SO glad they kept and are using the same style of BAMF special effect for Nightcrawler’s daddy Azazel. Looks hype!

-Glad Mystique is in it (and her special effect matches too), and hope that her inevitable relationship with Azazel develops giving credence to said future Nightcrawler character.

-Beast looks 100% better than the crappy Kelsey Grammar/Brett Ratner-fied Beast from the 3rd X-flick. He looks badass!

-We finally get to see a film with Moira Taggart interacting with Charles Xavier. Me likey.

-I think the overall tension the trailer presents is palpable and makes this look like a tight flick with not extraneous crap.
Didn’t like: Um…Havoc…AKA Alex Summers…AKA Scott Summers/Cyclops YOUNGER brother is in this…in the 60’s as a teen? WTF? The timeline in my head is confused.

So, I said some bad things initially, but sufficed to say my worries are less now. In fact I’d plunk this in right underneath THOR as my second most anticipated superhero film of the coming summer season.


  1. I may have to see this. It's got my hottie boy James McAvoy in it.

    And it does look super cool.

  2. I still haven't seen X3 or Wolverine, but this...this looks like they might have nailed it! Lovin' the old yellow-and-blue, too.

  3. Yeah, I was fully prepared to be let down by this one...and I'm a little more than impressed so far.

  4. I think the trailer looks great. Will be interesting to see how McAvoy stacks up to Patrick Stewart (who was brilliant as Xavier). Huge fan of the franchise (movies and also comics, although, I haven't read much since the end of the Zero Tolerance arc).



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