Friday, October 12, 2012

Movie Musings: KINSEY

Yes, there was a time before Liam Neeson became known for his complete inability to stop his family from getting snatched off the street whilst on vacation. Even though he’s primarily known these days for his rebirth as the elder statesman of aging action blockbusters Neeson still manages to seesaw between shoot’em ups and more reserved dramatic pieces.
KINSEY is a great example of the latter. The film itself is your standard biopic, a tad more salacious than most considering the undercurrent of SEX running through everything. And, unlike some other part-time actioneers who always look uncomfortable whenever you take the gun out of their hand, Neeson’s gruff and grumbly personality seems more like an intentional character choice rather than an unwanted side effect.
Backed by a strong supporting cast, sporting a respectable number of ‘name’ actors, KINSEY is a amiable, if somewhat safe, peek into the blossoming sexual awakening of America.    

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