Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Movie Musings: FRIGHT NIGHT

A kind of brainless teenage vampire film aimed at teens who were lucky enough to avoid the TWILIGHT phenomenon but still prefer their vampires to be better than average in the looks department.
There’s nothing really new here. Vampire drinks blood, turns neighbourhood into vampires, fends off hero vampire-slayer type.
A bit of a disappointment to see Oscar-nominee Toni Collette in the tough Mom role, playing strong and spunky until she needs to be shuffled offscreen for a bit in order to let our 20-something teen hero save the day, er, night. Colin Farrell is all over the map in his career choices so he gets a pass. But when you’ve got someone like Toni Collette looking for work…generic maternal figurejust seems beneath her.
Oh and FRIGHT NIGHT also does that gahd-awful hackneyed 3D thing where shit comes flying really quickly towards the screen to try and freak you out and maybe justify that extra money spent on yer ticket.
Crosses! Motorcycles! Paint cans! Things you always wanted coming zipping towards your eyeballs can all be found HERE!
But you know what, FRIGHT NIGHT does have David Tennant doing his thing. It was kind of like watching a lost DOCTOR WHO episode, only one where the Doc walks around with his shirt off an awful lot, boozing it up and not afraid to use salty language if given a chance.
Fun but fluffy.

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  1. Okay, as much as I dislike most 3D...I saw this in theatres in 3D and I thought it uses the gimmicky part of 3D well and I enjoyed it on that level.

    That said, the 3D camera's could not handle some of the "indoor at dusk scenes" as every time that was the setting, the picture was murky, almost as if shot in smoke. It was...weird.

    And yeah Tennant (the reason the GF and I saw it) steals the movie.



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