Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Iceberg Ink Comic Book Awards

Drat and blast. Seeing Scott’s 2010 Iceberg Ink Awards I was moved to match it with my own comic book themed version of said awards.

Please keep in mind that I’m a DC guy and while I have no anti-Marvel bias I also don't have the kind of budget necessary to read the entire breadth of either’s company’s line.

Also, if the stuff I’m talking about happened in 2009 or earlier, than please keep that information to yourself and I’ll try harder (and fail) to embarrass myself less in the new year.

Geoff Johns
Maybe I should retitle this one MOST PROLIFIC WRITER. Being named DC’s Chief Creative Officer, commensurate with all the new responsibilities that entails, has in no way slowed Johns down. He continues to pump out some of the most enjoyable and accessible super-comics available on shelves today. GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH, SUPERMAN, BRIGHTEST DAY and BLACKEST NIGHT might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the mere fact that Johns can juggle that many ongoing series and not drop the ball says a lot about the level of talent on display here.

Doug Mahnke
Look, I’m just going to go ahead and say Doug Mahnke here allright? I love seeing the inventive and brilliant ways he keeps the Green Lantern series crackling. Even when a pair of characters are just sitting around jawing Mahnke always manages to keep something interesting going on in the background. Um, that’s not a basis for giving the award, ok? I just like the way the man draws.

The Walking Dead
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd I ‘ll saaaaaaay THE WALKING DEAD. Once a month I get to eat chocolate chip peanut butter ice cream. It fills me up, it’s always delicious and it leaves me wanting more. And then I anxiously wait another 30 days before I can have it all again. If that’s not worth a 'Best of' award than I clearly I fail to understand the concept of award giving on a fundamental level. THE WALKING DEAD is always the first thing I open up when I get home and I’m forever foisting it off on other people who I think might even have an outside chance of picking up the series. I even got my wife to read and that is saying something.

The Rise of Arsenal
THE RISE OF ARSENAL, FTW. Obviously, In this instance I’m using ‘best’ as a substitute for ‘painful and bizarre’. Look, he fights crime high on life and wielding a dead maggot ridden cat, and he only had to have his arm ripped off and his daughter summarily dispatched to do so. Poor Roy Harper has had a rough go of things lately and while it might be harder to write a story about a well adjusted recovering drug addict and single father I also think that’s a relatively untapped demographic in superhero comic books these days. We already have enough wigged crazy killers and now Arsenal is just one of many. Boo-urns I say.

Iron Man II
IRON MAN II. While it may have been a tad more bloated and slower than the original it still managed to hit just enough of the right notes to keep it in the same irreverent and light hearted vein as the original. Kudos go to the franchise’s twin pillars of strength, director Jon Favreau and actor RDJ. It’s a crying shame that Fav has left the series but, knowing Hollywood, I wouldn’t count him out quite yet.

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