Monday, November 1, 2010

2010 World Fantasy Award Winners Announced

So, new-weird it-author China MiƩville's book THE CITY & THE CITY has won another award, this one for the WFA for 2010. I am not surprised that James Enge's BLOOD OF AMBROSE is in there, though it is an inconsistent and choppy read, it is well deserving of the nominee spot solely for the character of Morlock Ambrosius alone. Charles Vess winning in the artist category makes me smile, as the man's art is so whimsical and fun with a 20's Art Nouveau feel, and I love it. Jonathan Strahan winning a special award for anthologies is also nice as the guy put together my favourite anthology this year SWORDS AND DARK MAGIC. World Lifetime Fantasy Award....Terry Pratchett? You better believe that, the man is a heavywieght in the category and has provided me with hours of entertainment, well deserved!

You can check out the rest of the winners and nominees over at TOR.

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