Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Upcoming: Morrison brings BATMAN INC. in November

I am a fairly stalwart Batman fan. Have been for years. I kind of have him tied for first with Superman, and Green Lantern , but he's still top 3 anyways. I also love the writing of one Mister Grant Morrison.

In November, Morrison is bringing Batman back from the past where he was believed dead in The Return Of Bruce Wayne In the new title BATMAN INC. the dark knight decides to get hard on crime and put together a team of vigilantes who will answer to him only. 

I like it. I'm excited about it. Knowing Morrison, it ought to be a heck of a ride whatever it ends up being.

The artist Yanick Paquette is also bringing back the yellow oval logo on Bats chest (recently it has only been the black on black one, or black on grey. I like the yellow logo...but I believe I may be partial to the black on grey. That's nitpicking though.

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