Friday, October 1, 2010

News: Rowling doesn't rule out more Potter?

Powerhouse Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling sat down to talk to Oprah, and actually let slip that she might....just might write an 8th or 9th book in the series. This is the first time she's tabled the idea at all since finishing the 7th book. I for one would be happy to read a few more, and I am sure fans would love it too. I'm a giant fan of the series, and I am sure there are areas of her world that have yet to be revealed. Anyways, log this one under maybe. Check out the clip below of the chat.


  1. Oh, crap. Right when I was thinking that I never had to hear about Harry Potter again...

  2. Haha. I assume you are not a fan then. I would wager her reasoning in giving the possibility is the same thing as with George Lucas...why leave a great big giant money horse alone?



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